Our Story

Hey! I’m Naira, co-founder of SANA Amsterdam, a lifestyle brand that’s all about effortless self-care. SANA Amsterdam is a premium collagen brand that is tasty, easy to use and made of superior ingredients.


Like many, the first lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic gave me more time and reasons to think about my health. I was spending more time at home and passed the huge mirror in my hallway more often.

As I was in my late 30s, I was getting visible signs of aging, my skin was less firm and I had weakening hair. I’ve also started to develop a redness on my face, perhaps from being constantly worried about what was going on in the world. Simply put — there was a massive health risk out there and I was getting old.

I wasn’t the only one. My friends, no matter male or female, started to become more conscious about their well-being.

After trying dozens of other collagen supplements on the market, which frankly weren’t that good, I asked myself these questions:
  • Why don’t they just sell a nice tasting powder?
  • Why don’t they sell a powder that’s easy to use?
  • Why doesn’t it come with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to give a better effect?
I figured it was time for something new. I decided to create my own brand that would be exactly as I wanted it to be - Easy. Tasty. Extraordinary.



And then I had a memory from Japan. It was 2014. I was on a business trip and spent my evening shopping. I stumbled onto products I had never seen before, all wrapped in colorful labels that I couldn’t read.

Back then I tried the most delicious collagen drink ever. That was it! I wanted to have tasty and easy to use collagen made of the best ingredients and enhanced with all necessary vitamins and minerals to help its absorption for the ultimate result. It had to be as good as that one drink I had in Japan.

Meanwhile, my former employer started to sell boosting powder sachets, granules that were dissolving under the tongue. Aha! I thought. And started contacting my ex-colleagues to find out the supplier of that dissolving goodness.

‘I have an idea…’ I said to my boyfriend. ‘Good idea’ he supportively answered knowing all my struggles with the initial collagen search.

So… Where do I start? How do I do it?



First, there was a lot of reading and research to do – bovine, marine, hydrolyzed, peptides, fibers, spirals, vitamins, minerals.

The easiest and most accessible ingredient out there is bovine collagen. Shall we contact meat manufacturers and set up bone processing facilities? Oh wait. What about all the antibiotics that are given to the cows and other mammals? Can you imagine how much of those end up in their bones considering how fast those animals need to grow nowadays?

I, definitely, don’t want to consume such a product myself and won’t recommend it to my friends and family. So, marine collagen with its superior qualities became our collagen of choice. Marine collagen also has an 1.5x higher absorption rate.

The formula was developed with help from the best professionals and experts in the area. Remember I was telling you about my trip in 2014? I did some research to find who was behind that delicious drink.

When the formulas were finalized, me and my boyfriend tested the product for 12 weeks to test its effectiveness. We were doing skin tests every 4 weeks at the Dr. Frodo clinic in Amsterdam and were amazed by the results.

After 4 weeks the lipid layer doubled with no visible results, as collagen works from inside out. After 8 weeks, wrinkles became less deep, skin texture improved, and redness decreased. After 12 weeks the results were even better. Compared to other people in the same age category, our scores improved significantly from before. We improved the scores by 56% for less wrinkles, 14% for better skin texture and 10% for less pores. 
That was the start of SANA Amsterdam — a premium collagen brand that tastes good, is easy to use, made of all-natural ingredients of superior quality and is enhanced with the essential vitamins and minerals.


It’s also fully sustainable – our collagen is packed in 100% recyclable packaging and is produced in award-winning manufacturing facilities. Besides being mindful of the quality of the ingredients and sustainability, we also are giving back, as we donate part of our earnings to a good cause.



What does SANA mean, you ask? SANA is our identity. It’s an abbreviation of the initials of my boyfriend’s name and my name. Souren is co-founder of the company and my biggest support and empowerment.

In Latin, SANA means healthy. And that’s the notion of the product.

SANA is also an acronym for a ‘Secret to an Attractive Nourished Appearance’. Truly what it stands for.

And to have the best results from exploring SANA’s ‘secret’, we offer you a ‘SANA subscription’ — that I lovingly call the ‘Subscribe And Never Age’ program.

This is a 3-, 6- and 12-month subscription program for your convenience and ultimate benefits.